Common Misconceptions About Air Quality & Ventilation


Many have yet to discover the benefits of air purification, and it is easy to assume it’s something we don’t need in our lives.

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Health Benefits of Clean Air


Air pollution has worsened significantly in recent years and has contributed to countless deaths due to poor health.

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Studies Show Pollution Link to Autoimmune Disease 


Recent research has shown that the increasing levels of air pollution over the last decade have led to a growing rate of autoimmune diseases

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Introducing Genano 190


Here at KSG Health Ltd, we are proud to introduce the latest addition to our Genano product portfolio, the Genano 190.

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Clean Office Air For Better Brain Performance


Have You ever thought about the impact dust and particles have on your body or brain? Is there anything you could do to improve your own brain power?

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Is ‘fresh air’ as fresh as you think?


With air quality a major concern to public health thanks to increasing air pollution, it is crucial now more than ever to consider the air quality surrounding you, indoors and out.

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Interactive music service, Yousician offers the best air quality, in order to hire the best employees.


After COVID-19 enforced lockdowns, confining people to theirhomes, Music App, Yousician saved millions from complete boredom.

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Your Complete Guide to Workplace Ventilation


If there is one good thing that has come from the COVID-19 pandemic it is an increased focus on air quality within the workplace.

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Who will be keeping your workplace safe in 2022? Genano is your answer…


There may be a collective sigh of relief when there are no longer any hard and fast rules on mask wearing, social distancing, testing, isolating, and mingling with colleagues. But the sad fact is that COVID will still be present in our lives – and will still be present in our workplace.

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Clean Air Isn’t Just Important to Reduce the Risks Of COVID


We have long been aware of the link between air pollution and ill health. Poor quality air is inarguably a factor in the increase in respiratory diseases of those living in built-up, highly polluted areas.

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KSG Health: Supporting Schools Through the Biggest Health Crisis of Our Time


Schools are generally considered a safe place for our children, but unfortunately, there could be bigger health risks at school than we realise. We’re not talking about the odd graze or coughs and colds, but the long-term effects of exposure to air pollution.

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WHO’s Global Air Quality Guidelines 


Last month, for the first time since 2005, The World Health Organisation (WHO) tightened its air quality guidelines in a bid to save millions of lives. We have known the impact of air pollution on health for some time but WHO’s new guidelines show clear evidence of the effect pollution has on human health, and at lower concentrations than previously thought.

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Heading Back to School Safely


It seems to be the same story every year – children return to school and spread every seasonal virus between themselves, causing havoc for teachers and families! But this year we have the added threat of COVID-19.

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Pollution - The Hidden Danger in UK Schools


On Clean Air Day 2021, new data was released which found that over 25% of UK schools are located in areas where air pollution limits are above World Health Organisation (WHO) air pollution limits for the pollutant PM2.5 (10ug/m3).

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Prioritising clean air after Freedom Day


As people return to their usual activities, often in indoor, crowded spaces provides the perfect environment for COVID-19 to spread, so keeping the air clean and free from contaminants has never been more important.

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Protecting the next generation – the importance of clean air in schools


Clean air isn’t necessarily a priority when managing health and safety within schools, but it should be.

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The hidden epidemic hitting UK factories


Given we spend most of our lives at work, the air quality within workplaces is essential for public health. Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK work within factories and industrial environments where the air quality is often worse than outside.

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If Covid has killed the traditional workplace, what should employers do now?


We are all very aware that the work lives of people worldwide have been turned upside down. It is widely accepted that the workplace will never return to how it was pre-COVID.

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Staying safe as life returns to some kind of normality


As the Government’s lockdown restrictions begin to ease, thoughts are turning to exactly how people will feel as they return to some semblance of normality.

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Taking away the worry for those returning to the workplace


It look like things are at last moving towards a return to the pre-COVID ‘normal’....

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How has the industry changed since you started?


The Coronavirus pandemic may have totally changed the way we work for now, and it...

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How do I know if the air surrounding me is bad?


It’s not unusual to hear people talk about ‘bad air’, or to hear workers complain about...

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Ensuring the office is a safe space


The Coronavirus pandemic has introduced chaos into the working landscape...

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Setting new UK standards in air purity to help combat COVID-19


At a time when it matters most, KSG Health Ltd. are making safe air a reality...

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Sick Building Syndrome – Is your office making your employees sick?


Sick Building Syndrome is a term which was coined by the World Health Organisation in 1984...

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Do you know how safe the air is in your office?


Making buildings safe for workers is definitely a subject high on the list of...

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Winning the challenge to keep the air in our hospitals safe


Hospitals, by their very nature, are places where germs are found...

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