If Covid has killed the traditional workplace, what should employers do now?


We are all very aware that the work lives of people worldwide have been turned upside down. It is widely accepted that the workplace will never return to how it was pre-COVID.

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Staying safe as life returns to some kind of normality


As the Government’s lockdown restrictions begin to ease, thoughts are turning to exactly how people will feel as they return to some semblance of normality.

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Taking away the worry for those returning to the workplace


It look like things are at last moving towards a return to the pre-COVID ‘normal’....

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How has the industry changed since you started?


The Coronavirus pandemic may have totally changed the way we work for now, and it...

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How do I know if the air surrounding me is bad?


It’s not unusual to hear people talk about ‘bad air’, or to hear workers complain about...

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Ensuring the office is a safe space


The Coronavirus pandemic has introduced chaos into the working landscape...

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Setting new UK standards in air purity to help combat COVID-19


At a time when it matters most, KSG Health Ltd. are making safe air a reality...

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Sick Building Syndrome – Is your office making your employees sick?


Sick Building Syndrome is a term which was coined by the World Health Organisation in 1984...

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Do you know how safe the air is in your office?


Making buildings safe for workers is definitely a subject high on the list of...

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Winning the challenge to keep the air in our hospitals safe


Hospitals, by their very nature, are places where germs are found...

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