Taking away the worry for those returning to the workplace

March 26, 2021

It look like things are at last moving towards a return to the pre-COVID ‘normal’.

Employees will soon start to leave the security of their home offices and return to the workplace and face-to-face meetings will once again replace on-line collaborations.

There will be a great deal of rejoicing at this release from lockdown, but undoubtedly with the feelings of freedom will come a degree of trepidation too…

Employers may find themselves being approached by nervous employees who have concerns about once again mixing with others in the same workspace, particularly before they have had the opportunity to receive the vaccine. How do they know that it is safe and how can they be sure that the Coronavirus is not simply going to spread through the office as everyone shares the air?

The issue is that no employer can be 100% certain of the purity of the air – unless they utilise a filtration system which has been proven to eliminate all airborne contamination, including viruses and most specifically, COVID-19.

And that’s where KSG Health can help organisations provide safety and reassurance to employees, contractors and visitors. With our patented, independently verified Genano Technology we have a real and immediate solution to providing safe indoor spaces. In fact, a recent, ground-breaking study carried out in Finland by Testing & Research Centre, VTT, showed that the Genano units were even 99.999% effective against Coronavirus.

We mustn’t forget that these relatively new airborne pathogens are not the only concern for those who are responsible for health and well-being.

Sick Building Syndrome has long been recognised as the cause for major work absences, not to mention low morale within the office. Caused by a poor quality environment - including an unhealthy concentration of pollutants in the recirculating air - Sick Building Syndrome can have a hugely detrimental effect on any business, let alone one already trying to recover from large-scale global disruption.

The link between clean air and good physical and mental health is generally understood – and, let’s face it, good mental health is now at the very top of every responsible employer’s agenda. A pure, uncontaminated air supply is therefore essential if the ideal conditions are to be met for a successful, safe and stress-free return to work. Reassuring for those with the burden of responsibility but also for those individuals who are reluctant to get back behind their desks.

At KSG Health we have a saying that:

“There’s only one way of knowing that your office air is of clean quality and that’s through our Genano technology”

You may think that, as the importer and distribution of Genano air purification devices in the UK, we are somewhat biased, but it truly is the only solution to decontaminate the air of all contaminants (even nanosized particles), and the only solution to be independently verified to be 99.999% effective against Coronavirus.

Visit our website at www.ksghealth.com to find details of the many organisations already enjoying this ultimate level of reassurance.

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