Staying safe as life returns to some kind of normality

April 20, 2021

As the Government’s lockdown restrictions begin to ease, thoughts are turning to exactly how people will feel as they return to some semblance of normality.

Will they feel safe as they head back to the office on public transport? Will they be nervous as they sit at their desk surrounded by work colleagues? Will they have 100% confidence in the steps taken by hospitality venues as their social lives get back into full swing?

Understandably, the chances are that many people will still feel cautious. And, of course, employers, venue owners and managers will have their own concerns about their ability to keep premises COVID-free and fulfil their responsibility to protect staff, visitors and customers.

Those enterprises which have remained ‘open for business’ to at least some degree may have an advantage. They may already have been able to test their additional safety measures and had 12 months in which to consult with their employees about how work life post-lockdown will look.  Those within the hospitality and entertainment industry, however, will be going from ‘full closure’ to ‘doors open’ in just a matter of days.

How can venues ensure that they welcome their guests as safely as possible?

The answer lies in the quality of the air they are providing. Yes, ‘Hands, Face and Space’ may still be the mantra for some time to come, but in an indoor environment it is also essential that the recirculating air is pure and does not simply spread the virus from person to person.

At KSG Health we have a mantra of our own: -

“There’s only one way to know that your air is of clean quality, and that’s through our Genano technology”

Why do we say this? Well, whilst standard filtration systems can remove contamination from the atmosphere, only Genano’s unique air purification method removes particles down to nanometre size. And, since our main concern in this case is a virus with nano-sized particles, it is one of the very few ways to make sure that COVID-19 is completely eliminated. In fact, in a ground-breaking study carried out in Finland by Testing & Research Centre, VTT, Genano systems were independently proven to be 99.999% effective against Coronavirus.

The proven effectiveness of the Genano units means that they are an available, ready-to-go way to eliminate indoor airborne transmission of COVID-19 whilst we await the full roll-out of vaccines and safe levels of immunity within the wider population.

And, whilst the technology may originally have been developed for use in hospitals, the benefits of air purification are relevant to every public or commercial indoor space - benefits which reach even farther than virus eradication alone. The provision of pure air free from microbes, bacteria, moulds and other unhealthy contaminants is essential to maintain good mental well-being.

So, as restrictions are relaxed, KSG Health can offer a solution to reassure venue owners and managers (and the visiting public) that every possible step has been taken to keep them safe.

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