Mocha Marketing - Love Business Expo

Project Background:

COVID-19 restricted people from gathering in mass groups for many months, and when restrictions eased, air quality and restricting the spread of infection were crucial, especially with crowded gatherings taking place.

In February, Leicestershire based marketing agency, Mocha Marketing hosted the VIP Lounge at Love Business Expo. Although COVID restrictions had already been lifted, the team at Mocha Marketing wanted to ensure the lounge was safe for all attendees, around 200 throughout the day.

The expo was an opportunity for local businesses to promote their brand and network with other top businesses, and the VIP Lounge offered a more personal space for business owners and leaders to connect. With so many people in one place at one time, it was essential that people felt comfortable with the ventilation of air in the lounge.

Initial readings for Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs) within the (empty) room, showed levels were reaching 175ppb.


Having worked with Mocha Marketing for some time, we were proud to be able to provide them with our Genano 350 air purifier for the duration of the event. The device efficiently filtered the air during the event and maintained good air quality within the room.

The main threat was of course COVID-19 particles circulating, and with face masks and pre-event testing not compulsory, there was a high risk of such particles circulating the air. The Genano 350 was able to minimise the spread of these particles and ensure the VIP Lounge was as safe as possible.

Our Genano air purifier made a huge difference with TVOC readings showing less than 10ppb during the event, even with a packed room.


Steve Stuart, Managing Director of Mocha Marketing said: “COVID-19 was a huge consideration for us prior to and during the event. We are incredibly grateful to have been provided with the [Genano 350] air purifier, which gave us peace of mind we were doing everything we could to protect attendees. The results speak for themselves, thank you KSG Health.”


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