Interactive music service, Yousician offers the best air quality, in order to hire the best employees.

April 29, 2022

Interactive music service, Yousician offers the best air quality, in order to hire the best employees.


After COVID-19 enforced lockdowns, confining people to their homes, Music App, Yousician saved millions from complete boredom. With little else to do in their free time, many turned their attention to learning an instrument and therefore, Yousician, which provides musical education to the masses.


Like many other companies, Yousician were forced to close their own headquarters in Helsinki, Finland completely for over a month. However, due to the nature of many of their employees’ roles, the office was used by different volumes of staff throughout the pandemic, in line with government restrictions, so Yousician’s leaders turned their attention to air quality. 


A solution to prevent the spread


When Yousician’s Senior Office and HR Manager, Kaisa Sosala noticed Genano’s air purifiers in a restaurant in Helsinki in the summer of 2021, she decided to investigate Genano’s solution further. She reasoned that if the air was cleared of infectious viruses, people would be more encouraged to come into the office and it would be possible to have safer encounters between employees. 


Yousician were supplied with 58 Genano G350 air purifiers to ensure good air hygiene in all communal areas, open-plan offices, meeting rooms and studios. As an employer, Yousician invested heavily in anti-virus protection with anti-microbial coatings and by making facemasks freely available. 


The leaders at Yousician chose the stylish Genano 350 model due to its highly effective ability to clean air. According to a study undertaken by the Technical Research Centre of Finland, the Genano 350 removes all airborne viruses and bacteria from indoor air with 99.999% efficacy. Indoor air continuously circulates through the units, so the air is completely cleaned every 15 minutes or so. This prevents high concentrations of virus particles from building up, making infections less likely. 


“After installing Genano air purifiers, the willingness to come to the office increased significantly. Employees gave feedback that it was great to see such an effort in staff health. The air purifiers are very wanted – for example people quickly notice if an air purifier is missing from a meeting room and they go and fetch one. The presence of Genanos has become so important that we even took them to the Christmas party in the restaurant across the street!” says Sosala.


Winning in a competitive recruitment market


During the pandemic, the number of Yousician users has increased significantly. The app is constantly evolving and learning to play and sing with the app is very interactive. The production of educational material is an ongoing process and as a result, Yousician’s staff has almost doubled during the pandemic. 

Due to a strong emphasis on recruitment, top-level candidates are being searched for from all over the world. Yousician quickly realised that especially when they are trying to recruit from abroad and persuade candidates to relocate to Finland, Genano purifiers play an important role in the final decision-making process. The fact the office’s air is being purified with powerful air purifiers is highly valued and shows how seriously Yousician take their staff’s health and safety. Safe air quality is also mentioned in the list of employee benefits in employee job offers. 


A preventative solution for the long term


COVID-19 aside, the need for healthy air quality will never end. Even if working with colleagues face-to-face no longer poses an immediate health risk, investing in staff health and wellbeing is always worthwhile.


“We didn’t get Genano air purifiers just for the pandemic – people will keep getting sick with seasonal flus and other viral infections. I believe that Genano will significantly reduce staff absence. We’ve had four or five different situations, where a person who had COVID without knowing it, was exposed to around 10 people colleagues within the workplace, but not once has this resulted in infections in colleagues.” Solsala said.


Youician also know the benefits of Genano purifiers beyond stopping viral spread – removing ultra-fine particles from indoor air. Using a unique patented technology, the devices remove much smaller, nano-sized particles from the air compared to competitors. The smaller the particle, the more dangerous it is. In the long term, microscopic particles are the cause of many, serious chronic diseases. Genano is also effective in removing background ozone and VOCs, which are carried into the air we breathe through building materials, furnishings, fire retardants and various appliances. 


Last but not least, clean indoor air also has a positive impact on general wellbeing. “The air in the meeting rooms has been praised for no longer being stuffy,” says Sosala. 


There you have it, a clear example of what Genano can do not only for wellbeing in the workplace but for staff morale and recruitment as well. Here at KSG Health, we work with many employers to improve their workplace air quality, and the benefits go beyond health. Visit and get in touch with us today to see how Genano technology can work for you and your valued staff. 

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