If Covid has killed the traditional workplace, what should employers do now?

May 3, 2021

We are all very aware that the work lives of people worldwide have been turned upside down. It is widely accepted that the workplace will never return to how it was pre-COVID.

The pandemic at last seems to be under control and vaccination rates are increasing at an impressive rate, so business owners and managers are turning their thoughts to the actions required to allow employees to return to the office - safely and confidently.

Preparation is essential

The general consensus amongst business leaders is that permanent change is inevitable, but also that there are advantages for employers and employees if careful preparations for a successful return are made, including: -

• Offering a fair and blended mix of remote and office working

• Prioritising office time for meetings, collaborations and maintaining connections

• Being honest about the company’s needs and why office time may be necessary

• Encouraging staff to say how they are feeling and how their needs may have changed

• Showing compassion to all, accepting that all employees may have many new challenges

• Being empathetic and sensitive to issues such as fear, loneliness, trauma and burnout

The truth is that the pandemic has totally altered the relationship which workers expect to have with their employer. The days of having standard rules and a ‘comply or leave’ attitude are over, and staff now expect their managers to consider personal circumstances and have a strong focus on their well-being.

Staff may need some persuasion

Let’s face it, it’s been proven that workers don’t need to be in the office. Most also don’t want to be in the office. Proving the safety of work facilities will therefore be vital in attracting employees back. This might mean stricter rules, increased distancing or smart scheduling for shared spaces - but it also introduces the need to prove that the entire environment is virus free and that the air is safe.

At KSG Health that’s exactly what we are all about. As we say:

“There’s only one way of knowing that your office air is of clean quality and that’s through our Genano technology”

KSG Health want safe air for everyone

Our unique air purification method removes particles down to nano size – including gases, odours, bacteria, moulds and, most essentially, viruses. Genano systems are already in use in hospitals and businesses across the world, but there has never been a more relevant time for building owners and managers to consider installing these solutions in their own workspaces. It may be the most visible way to reassure staff that they can return to work safely, with minimal risk of infection.

Our director and co-founder, Jarmo Kesanto, has been at the forefront of the research and development of Genano technology for over 12 years and his wish is to see even more units doing exactly what they have been designed to do in offices across the UK. He knows that the results will speak for themselves – in terms of producing hard data AND achieving a tangible increase in employee confidence.

Everyone has become used to a new level of monitoring and sharing of data. As a nation we are now accustomed to looking at daily statistical updates for reassurance – and this new ’scientific spirit’ introduces the opportunity of gathering more real-life workplace safety information to benefit all. We know that our Genano purification devices can make a significant difference, but we want employers to see the results for themselves and enjoy the added level of security they offer.

If you are a business manager or owner who’d like to access this innovative, game-changing technology and are happy to share the journey which you and your employees take to harmonious, virus-free working then get in touch today and benefit from the reduced pricing schedule reserved for our case study clients.

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