Genano air purifiers are designed to continuously recycle and purify indoor air. The standalone units are easy to move around, and can be relocated according to the situation.

Genano 5200 and 5250 can be equipped with a negative and/or positive pressure adaptor kit in order to create isolation rooms or protective environments with negative / positive air pressure.

Genano air purifiers make use of the unique Genano Technology. Genano’s core advantage is the ability to remove airborne microbes of all sizes – down to nanometer scale. In addition, Genano also eliminates the microbes instead of just collecting them.

Genano units are also equipped with an effective active carbon collector which removes VOC-gases, fumes and odours.

Devices based on filter technologies are penalized to use such systems because of increased pressure drop from the additional filtering mechanism. Genano Technology cleans the air in free air flow, so the air volume and the purification level are constant at all times. Genano air purifiers do not get clogged up by large amounts of particles as is the case with traditional filters, and no exchange of expensive filters is required. Genano is a durable, economical solution with low need for maintenance.

Genano 5250

Genano 5250 Manual is our most advanced and modern air purifier.  It is the right choice for places where air needs to be decontaminated from microbes, nanosized particles and gases ultraefficiently: hospital isolation rooms, protective patient rooms, and critical areas.


Genano 350

Genano 350 delivers up to 500 m3 of ultrapure air in an hour and is designed for demanding air decontamination use in hospitals and laboratories. Applications for the unit include hospital isolation rooms for patients with infectious diseases, protective environment rooms for patients with lowered immune defense, e.g. after cancer treatment, and hospital critical areas.



Genano 190 delivers up to 250m3 of ultrapure air in an hour, making it ideal for various spaces, such as offices, cafes, restaurants and other public spaces. This compact-sized unit saves floor space or can be wall-mounted.


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