How has the industry changed since you started?

March 1, 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic may have totally changed the way we work for now, and it may even have long-lasting repercussions, but we know that in the near future offices will re-open and staff will make their way back to their workstations.

New expectations about safety

When employees do return, they will have expectations about the space where they spend the majority of their day. There will, of course, be the traditional requirements regarding the lighting, temperature, comfort etc., but in addition will come some new concerns about the quality and the safety of the air surrounding them as they get on with their daily tasks.

There’s no doubt that COVID has heightened our collective awareness of the air that we breathe. We now know much more than we ever did about the potential for viruses to spread from person to person indoors. There is now a real need to ensure that the working environment is, and continues to be, COVID-secure –especially if employees are to feel at ease about their return.

Keeping the workspace air safe is about more than just the elimination of viruses

Depending on where your workplace is situated or the activities you undertake, there may also be a significant risk from other air-borne pollutants. The source of the contamination may be from industrial processes or traffic fumes, but the harmful particles may even be generated within the building itself. Office equipment such as photocopiers and printers have long been known to emit chemicals which can build up in areas where ventilation is inadequate, and even the products used by cleaners in sanitising surfaces and floors produce VOC gases which can cause respiratory problems.

Whilst Sick Building Syndrome may not grab the dramatic headlines which the Coronavirus has, over the years it has resulted in many employees suffering from a variety of symptoms simply due to poor atmospheric conditions. The illnesses experienced are not only distressing for the individuals themselves but also cause issues for employers through frequent and prolonged staff absence.

How can employers ensure the workspace is safe?

At KSG Health we have a saying:

“There's only one way of knowing your office air is of clean quality, and that's through our Genano technology® -which can decontaminate air from particles, to nanosize.”

That may seem like a biased view, since we are the importer and distributor of Genano® air purification devices for the UK market, but the truth is that to know that the air in your building is clean and pure it must have all pollutants (including those of the very smallest particle size) removed. Unlike traditional HEPA-style air filtration units, Genano devices can remove particles down to nanosize which means that they will even eliminate bacteria, mould spores and viruses. When not using clogging filters, Genano devices performance stays on the top level and we don’t leave toxic waste for disposal.

If the workplace is to be deemed entirely safe (and employees are to get the reassurances, they seek before their return) then Genano technology is the only investment which can provide total peace of mind. There is no time like the present to put staff health and well-being first so if you would like to find out more about how you can welcome your own workforce back safely, please feel free to contact us.

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