Who will be keeping your workplace safe in 2022? Genano is your answer…

February 24, 2022

It looks like the majority of COVID restrictions may be lifted very soon. Great news for individuals who yearn to get back to normality, and great news for businesses who simply want to get on with business.

There may be a collective sigh of relief when there are no longer any hard and fast rules on mask wearing, social distancing, testing, isolating, and mingling with colleagues. But the sad fact is that COVID will still be present in our lives – and will still be present in our workplace.

At KSG Health we don’t want to be the harbingers of doom. We’re not in the business of constructing scare stories or lobbying for restrained freedom. We are however in the business of ensuring that the air within a room – be it in a public place or an office – is as pure and safe as it can possibly be. 

How do we get back into the office with confidence?

It is essential - for workers and employers alike - that the full return to the workplace is a safe, smooth, and easy transition.

Yes, we’ll now see more ‘blended’ working arrangements, with a new split of work hours between home and office but, for those days employees choose to come in or when business needs make it necessary, safety must be assured.

Many people will already feel nervous about their first days back in the workplace. Employers, managers, and business owners will have to show compassion, empathy, sensitivity and understanding. But most of all they will need to ensure that they take their responsibilities seriously.

Here’s an easy, low cost and highly effective path to workplace safety 

Thanks to being the UK importer and distributor for Genano air purification devices, KSG Health can help make, and keep, the air we breathe entirely safe and virus-free.

Genano’s unique air purification method removes particles down to nanometre size from indoor air, eliminating microbes (including 99.999% of viruses, bacteria, and moulds) and taking out unpleasant gases and odours too. 

This is filter-free technology, providing a risk-free, worry-free air supply. What’s more, since it is a continuous purification system, it provides valuable peace of mind for the dayshift, the nightshift and anyone else visiting your company’s premises.

Genano technology can also reduce sickness absence and boost productivity

Studies carried out by the Environmental Protection Agency suggest that that indoor air is generally more polluted than outdoor air – a worrying fact, since there is a clear link between clean air and good physical and mental health.

COVID-19 is not the only airborne contaminant with detrimental effects. A building’s air intake may be from a particularly polluted source (e.g., in built-up areas with heavy traffic) and pollution level can be further exacerbated by fumes from office equipment and using strong chemicals for cleaning and maintenance.

Sick Building Syndrome is a very real problem too. Poor structural design leading to prolonged exposure of poor-quality recirculated air leaves staff feeling nauseous and fatigued. As well as having a significant effect on sickness absence amongst the workforce, this also has a scientifically recognised, negative impact on every individual’s productivity throughout the working day.

Let us make the return to work safe, healthy, and productive

The pandemic brought many significant, mostly unwelcome, adjustments into our lives.

The introduction of Genano technology into your workplace, we believe, is just a small adjustment, but with so many positive benefits above and beyond allowing you to meet your duty of care. 

It’s the strong reassurance employees need as they return, but it’s also a solution which offers on-going improvements to health and well-being and potentially even an uplift in productivity. 

Get in touch today at www.ksghealth.com to see how it can work for you and your valued staff.

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