Setting new UK standards in air purity to help combat COVID-19

November 9, 2020

At a time when it matters most, KSG Health Ltd. are making safe air a reality.

Recognising the current concern surrounding virus transmission, we are providing a real solution for those challenged with the control of COVID-19 and other airborne risks within various sectors, including healthcare, education and general commerce.

As an importer and distributor of Genano Ltd air purification devices in the UK, we have seen first-hand how this innovative technology allows building owners and managers to remove ultrafine particles effectively and efficiently and produce clinically clean air.

But how?

Genano, a Finland born company, has developed a unique air decontamination method that removes and kills even nano-sized particles up to 0.003 µm (3nm) size from the indoor air. This includes the elimination of microbes, such as viruses, bacteria and moulds, and also removes gases and odours.

At present, healthcare authorities combatting the outbreak of COVID-19 are upgrading their medical infrastructure, due to traditional air purification methods not being enough to contain the microorganisms in the air. The commonly used fibre traditional filters are deemed to be powerless against the microbes that are less than 0.3 µm in size, and unfortunately, the COVID-19 microbes are slightly larger than 0.1 µm size.

This means that air purification technologies based on traditional filtration are unable to remove tiny, problematic particles - including pollution, microbes, bacteria, and viruses - so there is a potential for these to remain in the recirculated air, be inhaled and expose building users to serious illness. Additionally, traditional filters can become dirty from the collected particles and their air purification performance is reduced and, because of not killing the particles, the used filters are clinical waste for special and expensive disposal.

What’s more, since Genano technology is based on electronic filtration there is no contaminated residue left behind to re-infect the passing airstream. A powerful ionisation process takes place within the chamber which is efficiently flushed out on a weekly basis without any reduction in performance. With no toxic waste being produced and minimal maintenance requirements, these units are efficient, cost-effective and ideally suited to every indoor environment.

Speed and capacity are important factors when it comes to constantly maintaining a high-quality air supply and our Genano devices have these needs covered too. Genano devices even have an additional carbon filtration stage which removes VOC gases e.g. odours from the already particle free air, resulting in perfectly pure indoor air.

Whilst Genano technology is innovative, it is not new; it has been protecting the health and well-being of building occupants for 20 years. It is already installed in thousands of schools, hospitals, laboratories and offices around the world, and we are extending the long list of reassured clients here in the UK.

Want to know more about Genano products?

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