Prioritising clean air after Freedom Day

July 27, 2021

Prioritising clean air after Freedom Day

With the recent lifting of lockdown, there has been divided opinion over whether lifting all restrictions at the same time is a good idea. Most top scientists agree that although we do have to learn to live with COVID-19, it is still important to manage outbreaks and some restrictions such as mask wearing should remain in place. 

Regardless of opinion, restrictions lifting in England means everyone has been left to take responsibility for themselves and many are now faced with confusion and concern over the return to ‘normal’, whether they will be returning to their places of work and if they will be safe if they are required to do so.

Although most responsible employers will have introduced measures to keep their staff safe from COVID-19, this is not guaranteed and for many, their return to work is a cause of great anxiety. Just because the country has opened up again, does not mean the end of COVID-19 and understandably, there is concern about going back to normality and it is having a negative impact on workers mental health, especially those who are vulnerable.

So, could the reopening set us backwards in the control of coronavirus infections? Well, people returning to their usual activities, often in indoor, crowded spaces provides the perfect environment for COVID-19 to spread, so keeping air clean and free from contaminants has never been more important, not least to ensure workers are not worried about returning to their workplaces.

There is a clear link between clean air and good physical and mental health and both of these things are at the top of most responsible employers’ priorities. Clean air is essential for a safe and stress-free work environment and addressing this will not only reassure those who are hesitant about coming back, it will give employers peace of mind that they are doing everything you can to keep your employees safe whilst doing their bit to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Originally developed for hospital facilities, our Genano devices are achieving incredible results across UK workplaces, giving peace of mind to employers and employees. Genano’s efficient air purification has been proven time and time again to eliminate viruses from indoor air by 99.999%, and we have seen the results first-hand, including at the offices of one of the largest telecommunication companies

Indoor air quality may not have been something you have considered before, but COVID-19 aside, the benefits of clean air in the workplace are huge for employers, including increased productivity and less sick days. Genano devices also provide a visible measure to reassure staff they will be safer on their return to the office, which given the current situation will do wonders for your employees’ mental health now lockdown has lifted.

If you are an employer who wants to ensure their workspace is as safe as possible for your staff, get in touch today to see how you could benefit from Genano technology, we promise you won’t regret it. 


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