Nanoscale air purification

for laboratories, hospitals, schools and offices
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UK importer and distributor of Genano® air purification devices.

Genano’s unique air purification method removes particles down to nanometre size from indoor air. Genano Technology eliminates microbes, such as viruses, bacteria and moulds, and removes also gases and odours.

KSG Health Ltd. are the importer and distributor of Genano® air purification devices for the UK market.

Air Purifiers

Genano air purifiers are designed to continuously recycle and purify indoor air.

filter-free technology

Genano’s core advantage is the ability to remove airborne microbes of all sizes.

continuous circulation

Genano  cleans the air so the air volume and the purification level are constant.


Genano® Technology

Genano 5250

Genano 5250 Manual is the most advanced and modern air purifier. It is the right choice for places where air needs to be decontaminated from microbes, particles and gases ultra efficiently.

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Genano 350

Genano 350 delivers up to 500 m3 of ultrapure air in an hour and is designed for demanding air decontamination use in hospitals and laboratories.

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Genano technology is used worldwide, where clean air is needed, for example in hospitals, laboratories, industrial complexes and buildings suffering from so-called sick building syndrome.

The unique Genano Technology decontaminates air from particles, to nanosize. The patented technology also eliminates microbes such as viruses, bacteria and mould from the air, and removes gases and odours.

Our Clients

uk and eu supplier of genano technology

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