One of the world’s largest telecommunication companies

Here at KSG Health Ltd we have been assisting one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies at their offices in the UK. These offices are located in a four-storey building in a largely residential / commercial area with over 300 employees usually onsite.

Project Background:

This company first got in touch when their HR and Occupational Health team started to monitor the ever-increasing number of staff sick days during the year of 2019 (pre COVID).

It was recognised that there was a common factor behind this – the indoor air quality was poor within the offices. So, with this in mind, they launched an investigation and searched for a solution to improve the air quality during February 2020. Then when COVID-19 hit the world at full force in March, this job was bumped to the top of the list as a priority.

Our solution:

They trialled devices with numerous companies, but Genano Technology came out on top for a number of reasons. Not only were the performance results the best, but our devices carry out ionisation for particles including viruses, which means there are no clogged filters and the carbon plate takes VOC gases out of the air too.

Genano Technology is perfect for large offices like so, because it is user-friendly and low maintenance with only an annual service needed. As they are plug & play devices, it means that staff members can carry on working without any disruption of building works or installation.

Lastly, these devices are cost-effective – they have a low energy consumption, can clean the air in your office within 2-3 hours and has a long-life span.


Pre-Genano, the samples had been taken in the height of lockdown 2020, when no employees, other than a few technicians and cleaners, were allowed to be in the office. But it was found that the particle count was still high, due to building related reasons such as ventilation systems, interior materials etc. The VOC reading were still high, mainly due to the deep-cleaning process prior to letting employees back to the office.

Post-lockdown, over 100 employees were allowed back into the office, their day-to-day operations would see then placed across the building. This human contamination alongside the deep cleaning, should have increased both the particle count and the VOC gases. But we are delighted to share that our Genano devices stopped the increase, and also made the indoor air even cleaner.

To date we have delivered over 20 Genano units to this client, and we are now in further discussions to cover the rest of their UK office base with our Genano devices.


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