Eliminating viruses from indoor air by 99.999%


Coronavirus infection transmission by air has been identified as a real risk. Several studies have shown that the virus can spread through aerosol particles. The particles can float in indoor air for up to three hours. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has also warned people that the coronavirus is spreading more widely indoors and that previously advised safety distances aren't completely safe. Effective air purification removes not only particles but also viruses from the air, thus providing additional protection against the coronavirus.

Although Genano's air purification technology is used in hospitals and various properties in more than 50 countries, and the company has 20 years of experience behind it. Technology Research Centre VTT wanted to put Genano to the test and see how effectively our air purifier can destroy corona-type viruses from room air.


The study itself was conducted in a steel 30-square-metre test room into which a large cup of bioaerosol was sprayed. The mixture contained four different bacteria, such as mould spores and other typical indoor bacteria, as well as two different viruses. Of these, another virus, called MS2, corresponds in shape to the coronavirus, i.e. it behaves in the same way.

Juhani Tulkki, Genano's Product Development Director, explains the testing process: "Different bacteria were included because the viruses are microscopically small, only about a thousandth of the size of the bacterium. As a result, viruses attach to bacteria so that they can live and spread with them. The bio-mixture sprayed into the air in the test room was circulated with fans under high pressure to keep the concentrations well in the air and then settled into the test samples."

"The coronavirus itself is too dangerous to test with and is not available for this purpose. That is why VTT used a surrogate that works in the same way as corona."


The research work, which began in late summer, was recently completed and the test results confirmed that Genano air purifiers are able to completely eliminate bacteria and viruses from the air.

This study is the first of its kind in Finland, and several tests were conducted. Each test used different bacterial and viral strains all produced the same result. In as little as 15 minutes, the virus had almost 90% disappeared from the air, and after two hours, the air was up to 99.999% clean.


"As corona started to raise its head, our equipment had huge demand from hospitals in China, among other places. As demand continued to accelerate, we wanted to implement another test that could fully prove that our technology is really unbeatable. It was important to us that the research body is neutral and internationally reliable, so VTT responded to our needs. The result is absolutely staggering, even groundbreaking and better than we had anticipated."

"The new corona vaccine is a great thing, but it will still take time for nations to be covered by the vaccine. Currently, the risk of infection is particularly great in healthcare, as well as in customer service and other public spaces in critical areas. Here we can help because our products are immediately available. Together with the vaccine, the protection is really significant" - Niklas Skogster, CEO of Genano.

Although Genano's equipment was originally developed for hospital use and isolation facilities, many companies have begun to acquire it as well. Here at KSG Health, we are therefore recommending purchasing air purifiers for offices, restaurants, shops etc., to provide better protection for customers and staff.


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