Swedish-Finnish School in Upplands Väsby

Project Background:

Enni Oinonen is a special needs teacher at the Swedish-Finnish School in Upplands Väsby. This school is independent as it was founded in 1993 Swedish-Finnish parents. The activities include preschool, preschool class and primary school grades 1-9 as well as after-school centres. The school offers bilingual primary school education where Finnish and Swedish are used in parallel as teaching languages. The activities are conducted with the aim of strengthening the students' bilingualism and supporting their identity development and belonging to the Swedish-Finnish culture.

As a special need’s teacher, Enni teaches all year groups and her small classroom serves as the school's meeting place for students, parents and colleagues. As an asthmatic, the close contact with many people in a small area has often meant that Enni has developed symptoms. Although the had good indoor air, Enni still had some symptoms. This was coming from the strong smells and dust from the fur of animals that people were bringing into the classroom

The Coronavirus pandemic also led to a concern about an increased risk of infection as more and more researchers believe that COVID-19 is also an airborne virus that can be transmitted via very small particles in the room air.


This is when the school decided to install the G350 Genano air purifier for a couple of months as a trial. Since its installation Enni is completely symptom-free. The room has also achieved clean indoor air which reduces the risk of being infected with COVID-19 via the respiratory tract.

It feels extremely important that the air can be kept as clean as possible as during a working day, meaning many work groups take turns being in the classroom. With the air purifier, there is a safe study environment for all teachers, students, and parents.


Enni has said: “As an asthmatic, I also notice a very big difference since we got the air purifier. The effect on the indoor air is fantastic. Now the air is completely odourless and even though the school had a good air quality before, it is even fresher today.”


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