Fight against MERS in Saudi Arabian Hospitals

When the MERS epidemic struck Saudi Arabia, hospitals were not ready for the amount of patients that desperately needed isolation rooms. That was not the only challenge they were facing. In addition, existing isolation rooms which utilized traditional filters were not functioning as expected.

In Dammam Central Hospital, for example, the air pressure could not be kept stable in the rooms. The quality of air varied, so that the staff could not be certain of its safety and purity.

When the traditional filters needed changing, the isolation rooms had to be evacuated. traditional filters had even been found guilty of causing contaminations.

With the help of Genano air purifiers, Saudi Arabian hospitals and other healthcare facilities have been able to treat patients safely and without the risk of additional virus infections.

Genano has helped build new isolation rooms rapidly and installed air purifiers to keep patients, visitors and health care professionals safe. Several units have been installed in hospitals, for example in Dammam area, Jazzan and Al-Ahsa.

Genano is also used in pathogen diagnostics facilities, PCR cleanrooms and isolation rooms of the Ministries of Agriculture and Health.

Dammam Central Hospital has reported that using Genano has been very successful.

As the devices use a different technology from traditional filters, there is no risk of infection through the device itself.

Air pressure in the isolation rooms has been stable, which it was not previously with traditional filter purifiers.

The isolation rooms could be used continuously, since there is no need for filter changes in the Genano air purifiers.

The users are satisfied with the constant good quality of clean air and can now be certain that the air is clean and safe.

After these experiences, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health has given an official recommendation for using Genano units in hospitals.


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